Blateman Holdings has successfully help build Australia's telecommunication infrastructure for the last decade. We are fast adopters of the rapidly evolving shifts in carrier technology and are continuously reforming our company standards to better align with our clients goals and expectations

Our expertise include but is not limited to the following

Civil Construction
Cable Hauling
Pit and Pipe
Fibre Optic splicing
NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)
Nbn Optical Fibre (FTTP)
Nbn Copper Network (FTTN-FTTC-FTTB-HFC)
In house cabling
Mobile Antennas
Cable subscription television services (FOXTEL-OPTUS)

Operation and management services include

Cable infrastructre
Allocating and routing work schedule
Safety/environmental management
Working at heights (EWP)
Cable installation (Aerial and underground)
Device installation or replacement
Duct, Pit & Pipe installation
Artefacts record management

Civil Works

Project management/planning
Asbestos removal
Licensed Traffic control management
Mahcine Trenching (Excavtors, Grundomat etc)
Concrete and paver reinstatement
Conduit or pipe installation
Pit or manhole installation and upgrade
Flushing and restoring conduit or pipe blockages
Environmental management/remediation
Locating underground services